ATARC Federal Mobile Technology Summit

The ATARC Federal Mobile Technology Summit was held on October 24, 2017 at the Marriott Metro Center in Washington, D.C. The Mobile Services Category Team was honored by ATARC for their outstanding work in support of OMB Memo M-16-20.

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Technology products designed for public safety must be reliable under extreme conditions. That’s why the National Institute of Standards and Technology will begin testing wearables marketed to first responders.

Through its Public Safety Communication Research Division, NIST has been working on technology issues specific to the first responder community, including finding appropriate mobile device management solutions. This look into wearables builds on that past work, according to Joshua Franklin, an IT security specialist in the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

“When a new product class arises, it’s not always up to snuff in terms of security,” Franklin said about the expanding market for wearables. “But sometimes it is, so we would love to be pleasantly surprised when we’re looking at these devices.”

NIST has been talking with first responders across the country about what they’d like to see in wearable technology.

“We’ve been finding that they all are about availability,” he told a crowd at the Oct. 24 Advanced Technology Academic Research Center Federal Mobility Summit. “Confidentiality and integrity are great, but availability is the priority.” (Full Story)

Amid the federal government’s push to provide stronger cybersecurity and threat-sharing postures is the ever-expanding role mobile devices play in those goals.

The Office of Management and Budget’s Mobile Services Category Team, with the help of the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center, issued a new report “Navigating the Future of Mobile Services” this month.

The mobile working group in the report outlines 12 mobile issues it believes are “deliverables” for the government to provide, ranging from issues like identity management, threat protection and application vetting, among others.

ATARC and members of the OMB category team gathered Tuesday to shine a spotlight on those efforts at the ATARC Federal Mobile Technology Summit. (Full Story)